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At a time where the status quo has not worked for the majority of people, James Coleman is the only candidate that offers a fresh perspective.

With rising costs of living and stagnant wages for working families, we need a champion to represent us in the legislature. Born and raised in South San Francisco, James went to Harvard to study biology and government, and then came back to serve the community he grew up in. Out of 120 total state legislators in California, only two do not take money from corporations. James is the only candidate refusing money from corporations… Read More

As a son of working-class parents, Coleman said he hopes to center his campaign on the experiences of working families in the county and is “grounded in the belief that nothing can inform a representative better than a true understanding and empathy towards their constituents’ struggles.” He said he will not accept campaign contributions from private developers, fossil fuel companies and major corporations.

In his bid to take Mullin’s seat, Coleman boasts the support of…  Read More

The Harvard grad earned a biology degree with a minor in government last year. But he said it’s his family’s working-class background that most informs his ideology. Coleman’s father, who had been a FedEx driver, was severely injured and left unable to work when Coleman was 5 years old, requiring his mother, a lab assistant at Kaiser, to work two jobs to make ends meet.

“It really was my family and working class roots that really informed me and profoundly impacted the way I view the world,” he said… Read More

In kicking off his legislative bid, Coleman pledged his focus would be on advocating for the needs of working class families like his own. He announced that his platform includes a wealth tax on billionaires and corporations, universal child care and preschool, truly affordable housing, Medicare for All, reproductive justice for all, and aggressive action to address the worsening effects of climate change.

He pointed to his leading as a councilperson the implementation of a… Read More

…He won the election through a grassroots campaign that mobilized over a hundred volunteers and developed innovative methods of reaching voters in response to the pandemic.

Since taking office, James has been a stalwart, outspoken, and highly effective ally to labor groups around the County–including AFT 1493. James spoke at our January press conference in support of AFT’s demands to keep our communities safe… Read More

South San Francisco is one of the cities leading the way by piloting a guaranteed income program that leaders hope will help dozens of its residents…

He expects the money will help those thrown out of work by the pandemic pay for food or rent or pay off debt. “Our pilot program can add to the literature of guaranteed income and universal basic income and in the future lead potentially to statewide or federal programs that will benefit many more people,” Coleman said… Read More

South San Francisco is giving away 75 air purifiers to low-income households who qualify. The program, launched last week, comes as the Caldor Fire burning south of Lake Tahoe has worsened air quality in the city and much of the state.

“One of the reasons we wanted to give away air purifiers was to address the disparities within climate change and the smoke filled air that is very hazardous to residents,” Councilmember James Coleman said Read More